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Take a Look at Reviews from Our Past Students

Knew when it was time for me to progress and pushed me, 

                        but I never felt pressured or rushed

Ultimately, the most important criteria for me was to find
an instructor to teach me quickly and well. I wanted someone who was patient as
I had never driven before. I had also read reviews of what past students were
saying. I expected driving to be a lot scarier than it actually was. I found
Nigel’s teaching methods made me feel safe and confident. He knew when it was
time for me to progress and pushed me, but I never felt pressured or rushed. I
would 100% recommend P 4 Pass to anyone with or without experience in driving.
I had no experience and Nigel made me feel completely competent and that I
could do it. Within a short period of time, I passed my test first time. Nigel
is a lovely, patient teacher and great craic!

Amber Elliott - Cookstown

Methods were great, simple and easy to remember – 

                                    the way it should be!

I chose P 4 Pass Driving School as the reviews showed that
Nigel made you feel relaxed and at ease when driving. I also noticed he had a

good first-time pass rate. Learning to drive was much easier than I thought.
Nigel was great at his job. He knew everything, which made me feel better and
able to believe that I could pass my test with his instructions. His methods
were great, simple, and easy to remember - the way it should be! I would
recommend P 4 Pass. I don’t think there would be anyone else who would have got
me to pass my test first time.

Stephen Love - Magherafelt

Great pointers which really helped me pass first time

The most important criteria when choosing P 4 Pass was the 

good reviews. Other factors that were important to me included their high pass rate. Learning to drive was an easier process than I expected. Nigel had some great pointers which really helped me pass first time. I would recommend P 4 Pass as Nigel was very patient with me and was very encouraging.

Jay Newman - Cookstown

Gave me the encouragement to pass my driving test

I chose P 4 Pass as Nigel came highly recommended by a
friend. On reading his reviews I could clearly see that Nigel was a first-class
instructor. I thought that learning to drive would not be that enjoyable, but
the craic we had made learning a lot easier for me. His methods and pointers
gave me the encouragement to pass my driving test. I was out driving in my own
car a few hours after passing my test. I would highly recommend P 4 Pass.”

Lewis Warwick - Cookstown

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